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Find cocoa trees for sale, Cocoa trees grow in hot, rainy tropical areas within 20 degrees of latitude from the equator. Cocoa harvest is not restricted to one period per year. Cocoa trees Came originally from Central America. Now they are grown in the West Indies and West Africa too. Chocolate is made by grinding the kernels of cocoa beans to a paste called chocolate liquor, then its hardened in moulds to make chocolate. Pure cooking chocolate is bitter, but really healthy. Eating chocolate has sugar and, often, milk added to make it taste better. Cocoa or Cacao powder is made by squeezing the cocoa butter (fat) from chocolate liquor and then pulverizing it. Most off the cocoa trees grow in west Africa, about 70%. Central America accounts for the rest. Usually it occurs over several months and in many countries cocoa can be harvested at any time of the year.
Cocoa trees for sale in the United States, you can find deals and planting instructions. Immature cocoa pods have a variety of colors but most often are green, red, or purple, and as they mature their color tends towards yellow or orange, particularly in their creases. Unlike most fruiting trees, the cacao pod grows directly from the trunk or large branch of a tree instead from the smaller branches. This makes harvesting by hand easier as most of the pods will not be up in the higher branches. The pods on a tree do not ripen together; harvesting is done through the year. Harvesting occurs between 3 – 4  times to weekly during harvest season. The mature and almost mature pods, you can tell by their color, are harvested from the trunk and of the cocoa tree with a curved knife on a long pole. Care must be taken when cutting the stem of the pod to avoid injuring the stem, as this is where future flowers and pods will emerge to make the next cocoa pod. Buy Cocoa Seeds.